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Saboro Product Variants


Cream Rich milk

The distinctly thick Cream Rich Milk contains higher fat content of 6.5% and SNF of 9.0%, that makes superior thick cream, curd, ghee, desserts and delicious tea and coffee. lts rich and creamy taste adds that extra something to your dishes and leaves everyone craving for more.

Full Cream Milk

With fat content of 6.0% and an SNF of 9.0%, Saboro Full Cream Milk is high in energy, rich in taste and extremely delicious.


Protein Rich milk

Enriched with a higher SNF of 9.5% and fat content of 3.2%, Saboro Protein Rich Milk is the ideal drink for your growing child.

Double Toned Milk

With fat content of just 1.5% and an SNF of 9.0%, Saboro Double Toned Milk is perfect for the fitness conscious.