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About Us

Saboro is a brand under the Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd. umbrella, an organisation that embodies the ‘Farm to Fork’ philosophy. Having grown at a rate as high as 7-fold in the last 5 years, the agribusiness decided to venture into the premium fresh fruits and dairy segment.

This is where Saboro comes into picture - a brand that brings to you a wide range of fruits that go through the well-defined Mahindra Quality Standard process.

What really makes Saboro special is its commitment to freshness. Mahindra’s agri-technology experience and direct relationship with farmers enables Saboro to deliver fruits that are fresher and taste better.

Adding to this is Mahindra’s partnership with Greenyard, a global market leader in the sourcing and supplying of high-quality fruits and vegetables. The joint venture, ‘Mahindra Greenyard Pvt. Ltd.’ has a presence in 25 countries and enables Saboro to give people world-over, the opportunity to make healthier food choices with a nutritious line of products and produce.