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About Saboro Milk

really thick milk

Saboro Milk is thicker, creamier and richer than regular milk because a lot goes into making it that way.

To begin with, we procure the best quality milk directly from farmers. We then put it through stringent quality checks in our chilling plants to make it even better. It is then preserved at exactly 40 Celsius and packaged with utmost care so that every drop stays delicious when it reaches you.

Saboro Milk is high macro and micro nutrients, resulting in a consistency that’s thick and creamy. This unique thickness makes curd, cream, homemade ghee, a tastier and superior experience.

A lot of consumer trials that were conducted showcased that Saboro milk tastes fresh and is also much thicker, when compared to competitors. Fortified and enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, Saboro Milk gives better nutrition and wellness that is not prevalent in any other milk available in the market.

That’s not all. Saboro Milk comes in an international Tamper Proof Packaging, resulting in absolute safety and total purity.

Saboro Milk is everything you’ve wanted from a glass of milk.

The Saboro Milk Story

Farm to Fork Process

collection process
transportation process
packaging process